Mérida, Mexico, January 2017

Mérida, Mexico, January 2017

Hi there! We are Michael and Molly, two wedding photographers who have embarked on the trip of our lives. We met in 2010 while working at Arizona State University’s campus newspaper, although it took us another five years of friendship before we realized that we could make quite the couple. After several seasons of wedding photography, four years of National Park road trips and two international adventures together, we decided to embark on a seven-month journey abroad.

We spent a year planning and saving every spare penny before leaving our home in Portland, Oregon in August 2018 to spend three months learning Spanish in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Following that, we’ll spend a few months based in southern Spain before exploring the rest of Europe. Come see the world through our lenses (and Michael’s drone!) as we discover new countries, food and friends. Check out our first post to see how this adventure got started.



Molly J. Smith always has a complicated answer when people ask where she’s from. Born in Arizona to British parents, she lived in England as a child before returning to the desert. After graduating from Arizona State with a degree in journalism, she moved to Portland, Ore., for an internship with The Oregonian. She decided to make the Pacific Northwest her permanent home after falling in love with the green trees, abundant waterfalls and rainy winters. It reminds her of her childhood in England. Prior to this trip, she worked at a daily newspaper for two and a half years as a staff photographer. You can find her portfolio here.



Michael Cary Arellano is a native Portlander with a passion for all things dog, motorcycle, and photography-related. After splitting his college years between Arizona State University and the University of Oregon, he returned home to start his wedding photography business. He makes an annual trip to summit Half Dome in Yosemite, and dreams of exploring all 58 U.S. National Parks (only 43 to go!). He is the photographer behind "Above the Clouds," the panoramic image of Portland that can be found in hundreds of Northwest homes and is displayed across 23 feet of aluminum in the U.S. Bancorp Tower lobby. You can find his wedding work here.